December 16, 2015

Prevent Fraud Offline

largefraudbuttonIt goes without saying that consumers are terrified of their data and identities being digitally stolen. However, online banking can actually be the SAFEST form of banking; no longer do you have to carry around a check, where it may get lost or stolen, nor will you have to rely on the post office to avoid these same risks. Also, online bill pay removes the need to divulge your account numbers to extraneous persons and cuts out any middle men.

So while most people are worried about online fraud, offline fraud prevention may be slipping through the cracks. The following tips will help prevent offline fraud from occurring and will keep you and your finances safe and secure.

1. Don’t Sign Your Credit Card

NerdWallet suggests that instead of signing your credit card you write, “ask for ID” on the signature line in black, permanent marker. This simple tip will ensure that the cashier is matching your face and name to the card being used for purchases. So long as you get in the habit of taking out your ID every time you take out your credit card, this simple tip will not be bothersome and will allow for added peace-of-mind in the case of a stolen purse or wallet.

2. Destroy Personal Paperwork and Old Cards

While paperless billing has become more common, many people opt to still receive their bills in the mail. It is recommended that you keep the last few bills in your records for proof of payments; however, if you do happen to toss out old paperwork, make sure to shred the documentation before trashing them. Destroying old paperwork will prevent theft of account information and personal information that may be written on the bills. Further, all old credit cards and account cards must be cut until illegible before tossing in the garbage. Finally, when using Magnolia State Bank remote deposit, be sure to properly document and destroy the checks that you have deposited. If you have questions on Magnolia State Bank remote deposit, please click here.

3. Keep An Eye on your Accounts

Catching both online and offline fraud as soon as possible is your best offense against theft. Make sure that you are reviewing your statements every month, cross-checking that the online records, paper records, and your personal records of purchases and deposits are congruent. If you notice any discrepancies, please give Magnolia State Bank and the account in question a call, as quickly as you possibly can. With proper notice, Magnolia State Bank can investigate and rectify any false transactions that have occurred. 

Magnolia State Bank is committed to your financial security.  We recognize the importance our customers place on the privacy and security of their personal information.  Our goal is to protect your personal information in every way that we interact with you, whether it’s on the telephone, in our lobby, at one of our ATMs, or on the Internet. 

If you have any questions about Magnolia State Bank privacy policy or how to prevent fraud, please give us a call at (601) 764-2265. To get started with Magnolia State Bank online banking and mobile banking, please click here. *link to setup or information about remote deposit*


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